So now, at the 11th hour, the GOP establishment and big donors are scrambling. They have finally awakened from their arrogant stupor and realized that Trump is sweeping the floor with them. They can’t understand how their golden boy Bush never got any traction, and now they can’t seem to pump Rubio up enough to even win his own state of Florida where Trump is trouncing him. They have no choice but to start the dirty tricks and smear campaigning to take Trump out – but it might be too late. There is talk of a brokered convention, also rumors of Mitt Romney possibly jumping in. Mitch McConnell is gathering together his Senate members and telling them that if Trump secures the nomination they can “drop him like a hot rock.” They believe that Trump doesn’t stand a chance against Hillary, so they would rather destroy Trump and hold the Senate rather than stand behind their candidate. Once again, they are stupid and arrogant. They can’t see that Trump is winning with many union and blue collar workers, and he now has Chris Christie by his side. They also fail to notice that the Republican turnout in the primaries is far greater than the Democrats – and with Bernie Sanders out, the apathy for Hillary will grow. Those “feeling the Bern” will probably stay home or go and vote for Trump. Sure, there will be people who absolutely will not vote for Trump, but there are many, many more who absolutely will. Read more at